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How to use FlashWizard?

Flashwizard made by MusicBob is a powerful firmware installer for the Dreambox DM7000, with channels-, bouquets-, settings- and timerlist- copy options. FlashWizard allows to install Dreambox images directly from Windows desktop via Drag and Drop, performing automatically all the needed procedures (including reboot and flash erase). No more buttons to press on Dreambox panel! Images can be installed in Flash memory or Multiboot, on hard disk or usb stick. The software detects where DreamFlash (by Mechatron) is installed, and automatically sends, mounts, or removes images on the boot menu.



First of all, it is needed to setup the LAN connection parameters. Enter the IP address of your dreambox on the Dreambox IP text field (only numbers allowed and the dot between them, do not input space charachers at the beginning or the end of the address). Then, enter the login and password strings (usually, you don't need to change these values. Standard are: "root" and "dreambox").


Set in this box how FlashWizard will copy and restore settings when installing a flash image. Select "copy settings form active image" for doing first a backup of the settings currently stored on the active image, and then a restore of these settings when the install is finished. These operations will be done automatically when you start the flash install procedure. Else, if "copy settings from a given directory" is selected, the program will not perform the backup, but will restore the settings directly from a given path on your PC. A dialog box will open, allowing to select a directory with valid dreambox settings (when browsing directories, FlashWizard will automatically check if there are valid settings inside). When found your favourite directory, just select one file (no matter what one) to confirm. All files will be copied from the selected folder. The button "Send all settings now!" performs an immediate connection with the dreambox and sends all the settings from the selected folder to the active image running on the decoder. Useful for restoring all settings/favourites/timerlist at any time, if you need to. Also set if FlashWizard must copy the programmed recordings list (TimerList), useful for avoid reprogramming the Timer when you change an image. Click on the checkbox "also copy the programmed recordings list (TimerList)"


To install a firmware into flash memory:

1) Drag&Drop the file icon of the image that you wish to install on the panel "drag&drop file here", or use the folder button to the right to browse directories for selecting a dreambox image file [*.img]. FlashWizard will perform various check of the selected/dropped image, such as if it is a valid "CompressedROMFS" image, and if its size does not exceed the Cramfs memory partition size (preventing to install larger images built only for multiboot install). If the image is a valid one, the install procedure will start, else an error message will appear and the installation will stopped.

2) FlashWizard does all the stuff automatically... all to do for you is to watch install progress until the rebooting of the dreambox. On the FlashWizard window, you can see all the operations performed during the install. On the TV screen (Enigma window) will appear a message saying that the installation of a new firmware is running.

3) When the dreambox restarts, a popup window appears with the instructions for initializing the new loaded image on the dreambox side (as ever). So, when Enigma shows up, all to do is to set TV mode, Timezone, Language and Satellite Configuration (Enigma will show this sequence automatically). Then, go to Network Configuration (in the Expert menu) and enter your dreambox IP and the other usual network settings, and click on Activate Network. At this point, FlashWizard is able to reconnect with the dreambox, and will send automatically all the settings/favourites/timerlist, as stated by the selected procedure (on the configuration screen). Important: when dreambox reboots, there is NO need to do the flash erase procedure: it is done automatically!

4) FINISHED!! You are ready to watch television... Laughing Total time is normally less than 4 minutes, a popup window will show it at the end of the installation.

TIP: if you don't want to restore settings on the new image, press the "Exit now" button on the window during reboot of the dreambox.
This may be useful if you would like to scan satellities instead of reloading the last saved. By the way, you can easily restore your settings at any time, using the "Send all settings now!" button on the configuration and utilities screen.


If DreamFlash is already installed on the dreambox, there are only

1) Select (or deselect) the "copy settings from active image" checkbox for allowing FlashWizard to copy all the settings present on the active image to the image that you wish to install in multiboot.

2) Choose if the new image will be selected as the default image on the dreamflash boot menu by clicking on the "Set new image as default choice on DreamFlash boot menu" button.

3) Tell to FlashWizard if you wish to restart the dreambox automatically after finished to install the new image, click on "Restart the dreambox when finished" button.

4) Simply Drag&Drop an image file icon on the drag&drop panel (or use the Open Folder button).

5) Flash Wizard does all the install job automatically. Just watch on the screen the install procedure being performed.



By clicking on the "Install or remove a firmware in multiboot" button, Flash Wizard will perform automatically a search for an installation of DreamFlash (by Mechatron) available on the dreambox. The icon usb stick / hard disk will flash on the top of the window. After the search, it will stop on "usb stick" or "hard disk" depending in wich device actually holds a dream flash multiboot installation. At any time, you can refresh the status of the installed images on multiboot screen by clicking this icon.

If dream flash is not found, a pop-up message is displayed, and the "Utilities" tab will be focused and available to the user. This Utilities tab could also be activated at any time for performing these operations:

a) to copy dreamflash files into target directories on the deambox, ready for being installed by pushing the blue key on the remote control and selecting the "DreamFlash - SETUP" menu item.

b) to remove all dreamflash files plus all the installed images from the dreambox, leaving the only flash memory base image cleaned-up, just like after a flash erase procedure.

c) to format and mount the usb-stick, or just only mount it without formatting - for preserving previous installed images and reactivate them after reinstalling the dreamflash plugin.

All these operations will be done automatically, no need to use FTP or Telnet interfaces.

If dreamflash was found and installed on the active image, you will see a list of all installed images in the listboxes. If dreamflash was just installed, you will see of course only the flash base image name.




The two icons that you will see on the feft and right side of the images listed on the listbox mean:

RED ARROW: (on the left side) point to the actually loaded and activated image on the dreambox.
GREEN "R": (on the right side) point to the image that will be automatically selected on the dreamflash bootmenu (this selected image will be loaded automatically when dreambox will be rebooted).

This way, you can easily select an image as default choice on next reboot, having it loaded automatically without the need to use the dreambox's remote control. "Boot" is the button that changes this default image property, it is placed under the image listbox.


To rename an image, select it on the listbox, then press the "Rename" button on the bottom. Maximum 16 characters are allowed for image name. Warning: Dreamflash LCD menu is compatible with names that are no more than 10 characters long. if you enter a longer name, it will be displayed only on TV screen menu, not on the LCD display menu.


It is possible to remove images from multiboot install by clicking on the "Remove" button. Select the image that you wish to delete and press Remove button. You can't (of course) delete the flash memory image. You can't delete an image from the list that is placed below the loaded and active image (pointed by the red arrow), and of course you can't delete the actually loaded image too.



- To install a new image, there is no need to reload the base image in flash memory, unlike you need to do with dream flash.
You can install images in multiboot even if the active image is not the flash memory base image.

- After dream flash install, you actually don't need any more to access it on the dreambox.
FlashWizard installs and removes the images automatically from your windows desktop, managing all the needed procedures, and adding them on the boot menu that will be displayed every time you restart the dreambox.



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